Enjoy Internet Access at every corner with WicommFi extender

WicommFi extender is a WiFi booster used to boost the existing WiFi signal. It takes the signal of your main router so you have to place it in the range of main router and then it re-transmits the signal to the dead zone. The dead zone becomes an entertaining zone when you install extender. You will get a transmission speed of 750 Mbps with WicommFi extender. A LAN/WAN port is at the bottom of the extender allows you to connect an external device. You will also see a WPS/RST key at the bottom used to setup through WPS / reset the extender. You will experience a blazing WiFi speed at the dead zone areas and can stream HD videos without any buffering. It’s a dual band extender with 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz band. Rather than all these features, this is a multiple device as you can use it as a router or an access point. Visit our website www.wicommfi.com to know or buy WicommFi extender.


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