Struggling with “no internet” zones in your home? Consider WicommFi Wireless Booster

Today, we need internet in every corner of our home. The devices in our homes for which we need internet are increasing day by day. And we can’t stay at one place to access the internet. Suppose you are sending email from your phone and roaming then at some place you have no internet and your email sending is not successful. For this, we need wireless extenders.
What are Wireless Extenders?
The extenders are devices which enhance the internet coverage area of your existing router and provide internet connectivity at dead zones. So, for this, we have WicommFi extender for you. You will get multiple benefits from a single device. It creates a second network that reaches the areas where your router’s network is unable to reach. The network created by WicommFi wireless extender goes beyond and may overlap with some part of the existing network.

Get multiple benefits with WicommFi range of wireless extenders
Use it as a router: You can use this extender as a router as well. The set up of this you can easily find on our website as well as on the YouTube. As you can see on the internet, other routers are too costly as compared to this extender. Take benefit of its low price and set it up as a router.
  • Use it as an Access Point: Do the hardwired connection and use your extender in Access Point mode to cover large areas. Connect this device with your existing router and enable the Access Point mode and get ready.
The setup of the extender is too easy. You cannot imagine it is just a task of 5 minutes. Scan the code given on your device and it’s done. Enjoy streaming videos, play games, chat with your friends and much more. If you want to know more about the product, chat with our experts and leave a question in the community section.


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