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Learn How to Configure Your WicommFi Wireless Range Extender as an Access Point

If you are looking forward to set up your range extender as an Access point, first understand the concept of an Access point. Access point mainly receives data from the wired Ethernet. Later, it transfers that data to 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz wireless signal. The access point also receives or provides wireless signals to nearby wireless clients. The main benefit of using Wireless Range Extender as an access point is that it provides better network coverage. Access point makes sure no dropping of present bandwidth. The access point is different from your wireless router. If you want network coverage for your home only then range extender will be a good option. In case, you want to extend network at large scale then Access point might be a better idea. Even when you roam here and there, it will keep you connected.
How to Configure WicommFi Wireless Range Extender as an Access Point You will require an Ethernet cable for Starting up the Configuration of WicommFi Wireless Range Extender as an Acces…

How to Setup WicommFi Wireless Range Extender?