Extend the Reach of WiFi with WicommFi Wireless Range Extender

Everyone likes to have internet in all corners of their home or office so that they can access the internet from every room without any frustration. But this seems to be impossible for a single router. Because it may be possible that your router is installed in the lobby of your home and you are moving towards backyard then suddenly you got no wireless connection. For this reason, WiFi extenders came into existence. We recommend you to use WicommFi wireless range extender for reliable and stable internet connection in all corners.

Benefits of WicommFi Wireless Extender

*    Three operational modes: You can operate this extender as a router as well as an access point. So, overall it can be operated in three ways. The setup of all the modes is easy. You do not have to spend much to have a router, buy it and use as a router. Make the extender an access point and use it as a public hotspot. 

*    Dual-Band Extender: This extender has dual frequencies and that is 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. There are very few extenders which provide 5.8 GHz frequency. Enjoy HD streaming and online gaming using 5.8 GHz band and surf the internet for information and send emails using 2.4 GHz band. 2.4 GHz band provides a speed of up to 300 Mbps and 5.8 GHz band provides a speed of up to 450 Mbps. So, in total, you will get a speed of 750 Mbps through this extender.

*    QR Code Easy Setup: Talking about the setup of the device, a new setup method is there to make the setup process of just 5-10 seconds. Turn on your extender and scan the QR code from your device and you have a running extender. WPS setup is also provided with easy integration with other WPS enabled devices. 

*      Signal Indicator Light: The position of the extender really matters. The signal strength indicator on the extender guides you where to place your router. The place where the signal is full, place the extender there. So, this wireless range extender got a signal strength indicator, that’s good for you.

*      Dual Active Antennas: There are two external active antennas with this extender. They are responsible for providing the signal across the walls and can cover a distance of 160m. So, get the maximum or widest coverage area with this extender. 

*      One Year Free Technical Support: When you purchase this extender, you got one-year free technical support. The setup is also performed by the technicians. They will help you in setting up the extender. So, if you know about the extender, want to configure it or there is any other issue related this wireless range extender then the support team is available 24/7 for you.


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