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Benefits of using WicommFi Wireless adapters

An adapter is a device used to connect to a wireless network so that a user can access the internet from anywhere in the reach of the WiFi signal. Wireless adapters remove the need cables. A user needs a router to access the internet. The router sends a signal in the air and that reaches to the devices equipped with adapters also called network cards. Some devices have internal adapters but some devices do not. So, for these devices, you need external adapters called the WiFi USB adapter. So, we have one best suited for you that adapter is WicommFi wireless adapter or WicommFi USB adapter. Benefits of using WicommFi USB adapter •    No more frustrating cables: It eliminates the need for cables. You do not need cables now to connect your computer to the router or any other wireless device to get the internet access. Plug it into the USB port of your devices such as laptop or computer and put your device in the range of the wireless network of your router and access the internet. Suppose …

Struggling with “no internet” zones in your home? Consider WicommFi Wireless Booster

Today, we need internet in every corner of our home. The devices in our homes for which we need internet are increasing day by day. And we can’t stay at one place to access the internet. Suppose you are sending email from your phone and roaming then at some place you have no internet and your email sending is not successful. For this, we need wireless extenders. What are Wireless Extenders? The extenders are devices which enhance the internet coverage area of your existing router and provide internet connectivity at dead zones. So, for this, we have WicommFi extender for you. You will get multiple benefits from a single device. It creates a second network that reaches the areas where your router’s network is unable to reach. The network created by WicommFi wireless extender goes beyond and may overlap with some part of the existing network.
Get multiple benefits with WicommFi range of wireless extenders Use it as a router: You can use this extender as a router as well. The set up of this…

The need of USB wireless adapter

Nowadays, users who use computer or other wireless devices access internet on a continual basis. This is the reason they require their computers or other wireless devices stay connected to the internet all day long. We perform various tasks from the internet enabled devices. No matter we are in the office or in the home. The Internet is one thing which retains our daily routine chores keep going. On top of it, we also appreciate portability. Portability can be obtained in devices or in internet connectivity also. It gives us freedom from sticking to one place. If you also prefer portability to your computer or devices then you need Wireless adapters. A wireless adapter is an electronic device that lets your computer or other devices to get connected to the internet without any visible wires. If you are keen to avoid wires or want to access high-speed internet, opt for WicommFi Wireless Adapter. WicommFi Wireless Adapter sends data through radio waves to the router which later passes …

Know about WicommFi Wireless Adapter

What is wireless adapter? A wireless adapter is a network card required to receive signals coming from a router. Your laptop or computer can have internal or external network card. The wireless adapter is the most common used external network card. You can connect to a WiFi signal from anywhere in your home or while roaming as well if your device has a wireless network card. Talking about WicommFi wireless adapter, this should be your first choice while selecting wireless adapter as it provides you a transmission speed of 1200 Mbps and the fastest 5.8 GHz band. When you connect this adapter with USB 3.0 as it is a USB 3.0 wireless adapter then it will provide you a speed of 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band and a speed of 900 Mbps on 5.8 GHz band. It can be connected on USB 2.0 but the performance of the adapter decreases. Let’s take a look at other specifications of WicommFi adapter. Brand Name WicommFi Transmission Speed 1200 Mbps Wireless Standard 802.11 AC Wi-Fi Supported Frequency 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz …

Enjoy Internet Access at every corner with WicommFi extender

WicommFi extender is a WiFi booster used to boost the existing WiFi signal. It takes the signal of your main router so you have to place it in the range of main router and then it re-transmits the signal to the dead zone. The dead zone becomes an entertaining zone when you install extender. You will get a transmission speed of 750 Mbps with WicommFi extender. A LAN/WAN port is at the bottom of the extender allows you to connect an external device. You will also see a WPS/RST key at the bottom used to setup through WPS / reset the extender. You will experience a blazing WiFi speed at the dead zone areas and can stream HD videos without any buffering. It’s a dual band extender with 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz band. Rather than all these features, this is a multiple device as you can use it as a router or an access point. Visit our website to know or buy WicommFi extender.